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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Open House

Purpose of: To bid us Bon Voyage (Again!)
 and to make an appearance in “Margot’s Memory of 50” video. 

and to see my collection of 50 images of "My life as a Fish". Here is a preview:

If you have not received an invitation:
If you are following this blog and you are a friend of ours, or a friend of a friend, or you could be a friend and you are not a creepy stalker, AND you would like to come – send me an email: ,and I will send you the time and place.
What is this “Margot’s Memory” video?
I have a terrible memory, which is probably why I feel compelled to document the events of my life. Please be prepared to appear in front of the camera to at least say who you are. You can also take a couple of minutes to tell a story, make a statement, demonstrate a skill, whatever. If you would like a topic, suggestions are:
How I know Margot
Something Margot may have forgotten (maybe wanted to forget)
Advice for turning 50– best given by someone over 50.

Are kids invited?
Yes. But if possible, please come towards 1:00 rather than the end. We will be able to absorb more energy then. I would love have kids on the video.

What should I bring?
No need to bring anything, except maybe what you plan to do in front of the camera . There will be food.

Are you really going back to Spain?
Our return to Concord MAY be fast drawing to a close. IF the paperwork is all accepted by the Spanish Consulate, AND they grant us an audience with alacrity, we will return to Madrid by the 7th of February. It could all take a few weeks longer than that.

Send me an email:

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  1. Bon Voyage II -- this is one sequel that promises to top the original! Good luck!