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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How not to Pack, When Sent Packing


We did finally get that army of roller bags packed. We have gotten to Concord and I managed to get this posted on my sister's computer. If you want to get in contact with us, send me an email at Hopefully I will get on the internet at our apartment have a working cellphone!

Stay tuned for Blog Posts in Exile.


  1. Oh my god, that is unbelievable ! A story to tell your grandkids.
    All of us Camba's are still hoping that you make it back(to Europe that is)especially Gael who wants his cousins to visit us in France.
    Keep up the good humor, Michelle

  2. It was 9 pm, Nov. 21, when Anne Westcott and Molly brought you from the airport to Della and Ted's condo. Adele and Iris headed for bed, any bed, but you must have been on an adrenaline high, because your first words to Ted were "Can I use your scanner to finish my blog?"
    Welcome home!!
    xxx Mom

  3. At long last, I am finally catching up on your blog and learning that you have been back in MA the past month. I have tried to figure out how being a Follower with Google will alert me when you do a new post. Anyone else figured out how to be alerted when Margot does a new post?

    In reading your blog, I feel as if I'm getting to slog through your journey in your boots, enjoying the sights, being resigned to the conditions, and having a bemused curiosity to a new culture.

    I hope you get your Christmas wish to get back in early January, and that it is already looking promising.

    Hugs, Alice